You and me. We are meeting and event planners, a troop of patient, organized, relentless, professional hoop jumpers, and all of us are facing more and greater challenges in our industry today. At FishEye, we are hearing something across the board from our clients and colleagues alike– you are being tasked to deliver newer, creative, more innovative ideas and you’re looking for a fresh approach. You have been presented with the following challenges:

A. You are facing the addition of 100 more attendeesto 2020’s meeting

B. Leadership has decided on an overseas destination meeting and oh, they want to fly everyone first class

C. They want a “team motivational dinner” hosted by Gordon Ramsey

D. You have been tasked to execute a team building exercise on the field with the Dallas Cowboys

E. This year they want fireworks

F. All of the above

This would be my face if I were an event planner having this conversation with my boss:

By the way, if you are doing an event with all of the above, I’m totally coming! If you use my idea from C or D, you have to hire me to produce it for you 😉 

Seriously though. 

I am writing this blog with that iconic scene from Jerry Maguire in mind. Help me help you. (I think the writers wrote Jerry’s part after being inspired by a meeting planners’ behind the scenes dialogues.) Do you remember this scene? He and Rod Tidwell are in the locker room arguing and Jerry, bless his heart, is at the end of his desperate rope. Have you ever been Jerry? Doing everything you can in your power with a finite amount of resources at your disposal trying to make the impossible happen? We know how you feel. 

We hear so many stories about meetings gone wrong, elements and cues missed, messages not delivered clearly or effectively, poor audience participation and lack of engagement and/or excitement during the event. 

Let’s talk about your last meeting: 

Did it meet all of its goals?

Was it a smooth execution? 

Did it communicate the message?

Was the planning and the show itself an easy and fun process? 

When we work together, I am on the front lines for you just as you are on the front lines for your company and just as Jerry is for Rod. It’s my team’s job and mission to make sure you meet all of your goals, experience smooth execution, relay your message, and enjoy an easy, fun process delivered to budget.

Let’s talk. It’s planning season. We can help you shine in 2020. 

Now here’s my gift to you.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog. Here are some cost effective takeaway ideas that will impact your audience (and make you and your boss look great):

  1. Give something tangible for your guest’s MVP- every one of your attendees has people in their support group who is helping them succeed with your company. Honor that person by giving your attendee a gift to bring home to their support system. Think of gifts for kids, family members, partners, mentors, etc. Get to know your attendees so you know what gift them.
  2. Create something exclusive- offer an experiential experience that participants at the meeting have to earn like MVP tent access or a top secret game room.
  3. Make something charitable- survey your audience and find out what their favorite charity categories are, then break them into teams based on their interests. Create an opportunity for them to contribute to their chosen cause somehow. Think building bikes or putting together care packages with contributions from sponsors. Bonus points if you can benefit the local community in which your meeting is being held. 
  4. Help a recovery effort- have your team put together book bags for disaster communities in need. The Bahamas and Puerto Rico are key targets that will need help for a long time coming. 

We want to be your Jerry. Help us help you. My cell is below. 


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